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Investor Conference Gift Packaging
Project: 2020 Investor Conference attendee gift. The gift was selected to be a money tree.

Role: Designer. The visual theme and "Innovation Made Boring" type treatment was utilized, the overlapping circles represent the non-related ideas that come together to form a new concept or method of innovation.

This mockup was created and submitted for review, along with another team members design. We ultimately ended up collaborating on a new idea, using elements from both. 
Role: Collaborative designer alongside a Senior Designer 
This option dives further into a conceptual approach into what is inside of the package. It incorporates the connecting imagery as a part of the tree tree illustration designed by my colleague which utilizes our gold bar, and it includes four brand touchstones on each of the four panels. 
25th Anniversary Nike Event

Project: In 2019 Golub Capital celebrated its 25th anniversary. Partners were invited to join
 an exclusive night at Nike House of Innovation on 5th avenue in Manhattan, featuring custom apparel, raffles for sports tickets and lively networking.
Role: Lead Signage Designer. Collaborative designer on Golub Capital Originator Sports cutouts
Concept: To play along with the more quirky side of Golub Capital, we went with the idea of working with Originator attendee headshots and stock imagery in photoshop to have them participating in multiple sports around the space.
I incorporated our standard gold palette throughout the signage
Attendees were encouraged to choose a complimentary Nike shoe of their choice

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