Golub Capital Digital Assets
Eloqua Email Banners

Project: Quarterly internal email banners inviting employees to participate in virtual cocktail happy hour events.
Role: Lead Designer. Since these events were virtual, I wanted to encourage employees to click and register for these events by working with imagery that included enticing cocktails that can be easily enjoyed at home, and with coloring work in Photoshop within Golub Capital's Brand Guidelines that enhanced a seasonal look and feel to the imagery. 
Internal Eloqua email banner for the employee
winter gift. Original vector artwork utilizing the
bar in the Golub Capital logo and our recognizable gold palette.  
LinkedIn Image Posts

Project: Quarterly LinkedIn image posts to
promote Golub Capital's SaaS Meter report that analyzes valuation and investment trends for SaaS Companies. This particular financing solution at Golub Capital is Late Stage Lending, which offers flexible debt to venture-backed, growth
equity and other technology companies. These solutions are customized to meet the growth thesis of the company without extensive equity dilution.
Role: Lead designer. With the key theme of Late Stage Lending encompassing "growth" I worked
with re-coloring nature stock imagery to emphasize growing and becoming greater.
Project: Pride Month campaign
Role: Lead Designer. Concepts utilizing the Golub Capital bar and LinkedIn mockups 
Golub Capital press releases and
award announcements
Conference speaker announcements 
Landing Page Animation

Project: Eloqua Landing Page animation request for  annual Investor Conference. 
Role: Animation Lead. The theme was Hindsight 2020, and the request was for a visual that demonstrated the idea of coming in and out
of focus.
Annual external Thanksgiving Card, animated gif for email and Landing Page
Role: Animation. Card illustrated by senior designer

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